I grew up in Ardèche, one of the least crowded places South East of France, surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers. Even back then I couldn’t care less about my appearance. I sometimes went to school with my sleepers on, or wear whatever I would find in my closet regardless of weather, style or size. I was a dreamy, curious and sensitive little girl. Also I still can’t manage to keep a decent hairstyle for a whole day. If you have any advices, please share!

I met my husband in high school but as I wasn’t cool enough for him then(!!!), we caught up few years later while in college. We got married after dating for two years. We are both food & wine lovers and love traveling, golfing, surfing and rock climbing together. True story: we were 1hour late at our wedding ceremony and to make things worse we gave the right time to our guests so everyone was just waiting for us. After 9 years together we became parents to the prettiest baby girl in may 2017. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one lacking sleep in this house but I’m so grateful to witness (and shoot) scenes like this one.

My favorite burger of all time: Double Shackburger. I love it so much that I once asked my brother in law to bring me one back while he was in transit in Dubaï. After a 6 hours flight, I just ate it. It may sound pretty gross but I didn’t get sick and actually enjoyed it!

Hard to believe now but I was a huge baby. Something that hasn’t changed though: I’m still totally obsessed with food.

Strong women characters run in my family. My grandma was a very independent, free and careless person. She is one of my inspirations but remains a mystery in many ways. My mother side counts a lots of girls: She has 2 sisters, had 4 daughters… And I now have one daughter myself!

My grandpa was totally fond of my grand mother. He would have bought the moon and done anything for her.

My sisters and I

While living in Seoul my friend Jaehee brought me to this coffee shop. Like me the owner was a huge fan of the french movie Le Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. In the movie, one of main characters is a little girl named Anouck.

This is our dog Marilyn, and I swear this name suits her so perfectly. She is sensitive, loyal, playful and totally obsessed with food. Marilyn has no preference in terms of what she likes: peaches, lemon, wasabi, you name it, she’ll eat them all. Such a great dog!

First photo we received of her

Marilyn and I

I love to travel but I must admit I am definitely not a backpacker. I love to visit friends, discover new cultures, or spend time with the locals. I wish I could travel even more and every trip helps me becoming a more caring and open minded person.